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I can understand that being arrested and jailed can be embarrassing, confusing and a little scary. In the weeks after your arrest you must make some very serious decisions that will affect you and your family. Decisions that may result in financial hardship and / or imprisonment. These decisions may also affect your life in the years to come in ways you may not have considered, such as employability, your credit rating and insurability.

I am here to help. As a former Public Defender for the Parishes of Jefferson, St. Tammany and Washington with over 10 years of criminal defense experience I can help guide you through the criminal justice system. I have defended over 1,000 clients in the criminal courts of St. Tammany Parish and hundreds of others in Jefferson, Washington, Orleans and Tangipahoa Parishes.


Know your rights. Do not depend on rumor or hearsay. Call my office and make an appointment  or email me by pressing the CUSTOM QUOTE button to the left and find out the facts from an experienced trial attorney.  Together we can evaluate your case, formulate a defense and fight the charges against you.

There is NEVER a charge or obligaton for a one hour initial criminal consultation with me, Ernie Barrow. So there is no reason to wait!


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