Filing for Divorce in Covington or Hammond, LA?

Filing for Divorce in Covington or Hammond, LA?

Retain a seasoned divorce attorney today

If you're separating from your spouse, a divorce attorney can help protect your interests. At the Law Office of Ernest E. Barrow, L.L.C. based in Covington, LA, our divorce law attorney that will help you resolve complicated issues with a favorable outcome. Your attorney can also help reduce the amount of time you spend in court and the amount of stress you experience in this difficult time.

With 20 years of divorce law experience, Mr. Barrow will provide top-notch legal counsel throughout your divorce proceedings. Call to schedule an appointment with a divorce and alimony attorney in Covington, Louisiana.

Get help with all areas of divorce law

Divorce is complicated-even a mutual divorce can quickly become emotional and heated once property and children are involved. Hire a divorce attorney to protect your interests when it comes to...

  • Fighting for child custody rights
  • Dividing your marital assets fairly
  • Creating a reasonable plan for child support and alimony

You don't have to go through your divorce alone. Speak with an experienced divorce law attorney today to get legal counsel and representation.