Make Sure Your Wishes Are Clear

Make Sure Your Wishes Are Clear

Work with a will attorney in Covington & Hammond, LA

The Law Office of Ernest E. Barrow, L.L.C. helps clients in the Covington & Hammond, LA area draft wills, including living wills.Mr. Barrow can help you manage your assets and create a plan for the future. Contact his office today to schedule an appointment with a wills attorney.

Understand your estate planning options

Designing a comprehensive estate plan is important for people of all ages. You don't want to leave your loved ones guessing after you're gone. Drafting a will is the best way to make your wishes known. But what type of will do you need? The Law Office of Ernest E. Barrow can help you figure it out. Meet with Mr. Barrow today to discuss:

  • Simple wills-a simple will, or a last will and testament, is a legal document that provides your family with instructions for dividing your estate. It can only be administered after you pass, and your assets will have to go through probate.
  • Living wills-unlike a simple will, a living will can go into effect during your lifetime. It can also be used to establish health care directives, in the event that you're incapacitated. A living will doesn't have to be probated.
You can have a simple will and a living will, depending on your situation. Talk to a will attorney based in Covington, LA today to decide what type of estate plan makes the most sense for you.